How to cancel direct deposit in QuickBooks Payroll

When a user using Intuit payroll service this question is often asked that how can you cancel direct deposit in QuickBooks Payroll. In today’s article, we have tried to sort out this problem.

Important Note :

  • The cancellation process must be done before 5:00 p.m and  Specific time and 2 banking days before the paycheck date. For example, If the date of the check is Saturday, then it can be canceled or stop only before Thursday.
  • If direct deposit offloaded for the ACH process, it can’t be undone by Intuit.

If you stop or void a direct deposit paycheck you sent to Intuit to process following:

  • Intuit can’t stop direct deposit from being posted to your employee’s bank account once direct deposit submitted to ACH processing
  • ACH processing submits of direct deposit occur at 5 p.m(PST) and two banking days prior to the paycheck date.

Cancel direct deposit in QuickBooks Payroll

  • In the menu, top choose Employees Edit/Void Paychecks.
  • On edit, page choose show paychecks through dates to the date of check and press tab on the keyboard.
  • Now check question click on the void.
  • In pop-up box,enter yes & click void.
  • I agree to select the terms and condition of the paycheck.
  • Once checks have been voided, close the edit/void paycheck window. after the check is voided.
  • At top of bar click employees and send the payroll data.
  • Then click send but you will not get any deposit to send
  • Before paycheck voided by seeing in your bank register which is used to pay employees & memo line show a change has been to check.

Now I hope that you will understand the process. Follow all steps carefully and efficiently.

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